Rental Payments

When do I pay?

When you checkout, you will be required to pay your first month's rental payment. This is an advance payment for your first month's rental. Your next monthly payment will be taken one month after your delivery date and will continue to be taken on the same date every month.


Can I change my payment method?

You can change the card you are using to make your monthly payments at any time via your Rental Account. You can also see your payment history and when your next payment is due.


What happens if I miss a payment?

We will continue to attempt to take payments from your card after the first failed attempt. If you fail to make payments on time or if a payment is rejected these will be considered a late payment. You are liable for a charge of up to 15% of the monthly rental payment in these circumstances to cover the administrative costs we incur. If you have any issues with late payments or would like to end your plan, please contact our team on 03444 81 81 81. We're open Mon to Sun: 08:30 - 17:00.


Your Item & Item Protection

Are the items new?

All seats, fillings, cushions, fabric, arms, springs used on your furniture are brand new but are made from materials that can be recycled or repurposed after use and so your furniture will not go to landfill. The innovation of Loop is that our range uses a steel frame for its structure based on its high strength, durability and recyclable benefits. This has a lifespan of 25 years and is reused in the Loop cycle to create a brand new sofa.


Are the items covered against theft?

You are not covered if your item gets stolen. We recommend you ensure your items are covered by your home insurance or take out separate insurance for the items.


What happens if I damage the item?

We want you to relax on your furniture without worrying. The innovation of our product is that each component can be repurposed or recycled – meaning nothing will go to landfill. Reasonable wear and tear of the fabric, cushions and seats during typical use is to be expected and as such there would be no charge for minor damage on return of the items. As part of the innovation, the steel frame of the product is reused for the next customer. We use a steel frame for its high strength, durability and recyclable benefits and it has a lifespan of 25 years so it can withstand daily use. A reasonable level of wear and tear on the frame is permitted but you may be charged for any more significant damage to the frame.


Rental Terms

What is the minimum rental length?

You can create Loop rentals from as little as six months.


Can I end my rental early?

You can end an existing agreement with us at any time, however you will need to pay the difference in cost between the plan you are on and the cost had you taken a shorter plan (unless your cancellation is within the first 14x days of entering into your rental agreement) - shorter rental periods have higher rates so this figure will be unlikely to be proportionate to your existing monthly fee pro rata.

For example: A 3 seater sofa is £80 a month on the 12 month plan and £95 a month on the 6 month plan. You sign up for a 12 month plan and pay £80 a month. After 9 months, you decide that you don't want the sofa any more. After 9 months, you will have paid 9 x £80 = £720. To rent for 9 months, you would have needed to be on the 6 month plan (the next plan down). You therefore should have paid 9 x £95 = £855. To end your rental early you will need to pay the difference between what you have paid and what you should have paid. In this example, you would owe £855 - £720 = £135. The minimum rental period is 6 months so if you cancel within the 6 months, you would need to pay for the full period.

More information on this can be found in your Manage Rentals account.


What happens when my minimum rental plan ends?

When your plan finishes, you are completely in control as to what happens next. You can either: a) arrange the return the sofa;; b) agree an extension to your plan to keep renting the item or c) take out a new plan and swap the colour of your furniture


Can I buy the item at the end of my rental?

The beauty of Loop is that you have the sofa for as long as you need it. You won’t ever own the sofa but will have the flexibility at the end of your term to extend your plan with the same sofa or you can start a new plan and rent a new sofa in a different colour. When you no longer want it, we will repurpose and recycle it.


What checks will you do as part of my application?

We will need to carry out identity checks (to confirm who you are) and credit checks (to satisfy us that you can afford the monthly rental payments you agree to pay for the full rental period) before you are able to rent Loop furniture. To do these, we will need to share your personal data with third parties we work with including one or more credit reference agencies (CRA’s) who will perform checks using public sources of data. This will leave a record on your credit file which will be visible to other providers of credit/other lenders/other organisations should they perform similar checks. Information on how we collect and process your personal data, and who we may share it with, can be found in our privacy policy.


Delivery & Returns

Where do you deliver to?

We currently only delivery to Mainland UK addresses


How long does delivery take?

If the item is in stock, it is available for delivery in 2 weeks, otherwise items are available on a 6 week delivery lead time. Delivery cost is included in your rental plan. When your order is ready for delivery you will be notified via email and a delivery date will be scheduled.


I've selected an item to rent available on 2 week delivery, how does this affect the 14 day cancellation period?

Our standard delivery is 6 weeks, however we do have a small selection of popular colours in stock available on 2 week delivery. In these limited circumstances, we may offer to deliver the furniture to you during the 14 day period in which you are permitted to change your mind and cancel your rental agreement without incurring any costs.

If this option is made available, and you would like delivery of the furniture to take place before the end of the cancellation period, you will need to expressly request this when we call you to arrange delivery. (Please note that you are not under any obligation to request delivery before the end of the cancellation period.)

Any decision to request delivery before the end of the cancellation period will not, in any way, impact on your right to cancel in accordance with the terms set out in your rental agreement. Should you make a request for delivery of the furniture before the end of the cancellation period and then decide to exercise your right to cancel, we will collect the furniture at no cost to you, you will have all payments made to date reimbursed in full as provided for under the terms of your rental agreement, and you will not be charged for any period of time during which you have had use of the furniture before exercising your right to cancel.”


Will you install furniture?

Furniture is delivered and installed into the room of choice within your home.


Can I cancel my rental agreement if I change my mind?

You will have 14 days from the date you enter into your rental agreement to change your mind and cancel (in these circumstances, you will receive a full refund of any fees already paid). After the first 14x days, if you wish to cancel your agreement/return your item you can end the rental agreement early (which may incur an early termination fee as set out in the rental agreement terms and conditions).


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